Bridging print 2 mobile QR Quality Program

This system incorportates a five point protocol that assures the proper size, print compatibility, resolution, smart phone recognition and clarity for exacting quality and successful use by any smart phone.


Step 1

Open site: here

Step 2

Click the SELECT: New Code

Step 3

Fill out new code. (You can also change Alias value to name of client, or an advertisement number or any tracking system you want to use.

Step 4

Click Submit

Step 5

Click the last QR Code in the resulting page. (Scroll down to last QR Code entry. That will be the one you just completed. Then right click and select Save Image As

The QR code is now ready to use as artwork in any advertisement. Make sure the size is not less than .85 inches square.

System is licensed for authorized customers. Unauthorized use subject to legal recourse.
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